Many marketers are failing to integrate their pay-per-click (PPC) advertising strategy with organic search engine optimization (SEO) tactics, an expert has warned.

Industry commentator Ann Stanley made her assertion to online publication Marketing Pilgrim, noting that PPC is usually used in isolation because a firm’s website is not optimized or has been built using technology which cannot be crawled by the search engine spiders.

However, for other websites, a paid search campaign can help a marketer select the best keywords to then use in their organic search tactics, she explained.

Once they have chosen the most suitable words and phrases, it is important to ensure the website’s content contains them, Ms Stanley continued.

She added: "You can then review your positions in the search engines and determine whether you can switch off you PPC ads as your organic traffic increases."

Recently, Christopher Cartre, spokesman for online marketing agency, told online resource Stockhouse that PPC allowed for quick results but could be expensive over time.