The search engine optimization (SEO) landscape could be poised for further shifts in the near future, Microsoft senior vice president for online audiences Yusuf Mehdi told Reuters yesterday.

The news agency writes that the pending deal Microsoft has with Yahoo to take over that company’s search engine functionality will help it over the all-important 30 percent threshold. "At 30 points we are now a credible option, so that number matters. The nice thing is we can say (to advertisers) you can be close to 30 percent share in one easy buy. That 30 percent carries a lot of weight in the marketplace," Mehdi told Reuters.

While the computing giant has not made money from its online operations to date, Mehdi told Reuters that Bing could be Microsoft’s ticket to high levels of profitability in a marketplace currently dominated by Google.

Experts say that astute practitioners of search engine optimization (SEO) will be watching the regulatory progress of the Microsoft-Yahoo deal with considerable interest, as it could drastically change the priorities for an SEO campaign.