Lauren Kaye

When a Tweet’s shelf-life is only a few seconds, marketers might feel inclined to pump out a steady steady stream of social media content to stay at the surface of newsfeeds. This can actually be a huge mistake, as follower engagement drops off steadily after four Tweets, according to a Dashburst infographic based on data from Digital Marketing Ramblings. Brands must be opportune with their Twitter marketing, sharing relevant and timely content that’s tailored to their target audiences’ interests.

Fan interaction is at its peak, 120 percent above average, when brands share one Twitter update, but engagement drops by half with the second Tweet. Marketers can keep engagement around 50 percent above average until the fourth post, when they lose their followers’ attention.

Because every Tweet requires an investment of time and resource, marketers must find other ways to keep brands fresh in social media conversations. Brafton recently reported on data from EdgeRank Checker, which found that hashtags can extend the lifespan of a Tweet. Using the pound sign in social updates roughly doubles the chances of a post being ReTweeted.

Of course, the content matters most. Followers aren’t likely to share poorly written, irrelevant updates with their networks regardless of the symbols they contain. Companies must generate information that truly grabs readers’ attention to stay at the forefront of fast-moving industry conversations.