Using more precise keyword terms could help with search engine optimization (SEO), an expert claims.

Writing for Computer Active, Mark Wilson says that to narrow down the millions of results that consumers receive through vague terms such as "Australia" they may choose to write "Australia holiday" instead.

The commentator also remarks that people searching for a particular type of site should add as many search terms as possible to maximize the chances of finding useful websites.

In this way, the sites with the most appropriate keywords for a certain request will be identified as being more useful for the searcher and so will achieve a higher ranking in search engine results, he advises.

Mr Wilson adds that consumers should put their searches in quotation marks, meaning only the most relevant results are displayed.

According to online resource the Search Engine Guide, when deciding which keywords to focus on in a website’s content, it is important to choose the terms which best represent the company and the type of terms the consumer will be searching for.