Microsoft announced today that this spring would bring a wealth of new features for its Bing search engine, which has met with encouraging results in a search engine market still dominated by Google.

The company said that "our focus remains consistent – we want Bing to be the best place to help you make better decisions. When we launched last June, one of the ways we helped customers get to better decisions was by providing a more visual, more intuitive, and more organized experience."

Among the changes to be made to Bing is the integration of Foursquare data into Bing Maps, making for interesting search engine optimization (SEO) challenges as social media data goes local.

Additionally, Bing will focus on making more specialized pages that present information in more useful ways for a given topic, like a specs page for automotive searches and various weather, news, and reference pages for localities.

Experts say that, while Bing has outperformed most of the predictions that were made at its launch, it still has a long way to go before it can be considered a direct competitor to Google, which continues to dominate the global search market.