Google recently rolled out a new visual design designed to increase the intuitiveness of its search engine. The new search engine is claiming Google did this in a direct response to features its search engine had, which launched seven days prior to Google’s redesign. is a search engine that runs niche marketing and trend-identifying software that picks out more timely and relevant content. NowRelevant claims that Google has a lot of "junk sites" and spam in their directory, making search engine optimization (SEO) a challenge for legitimate site owners.

One key feature of allows users to sort search results by date. The company says that Google’s new sidebar, which also allows users to sort results by date, was inspired by its own feature.

"We had a feeling that Google was waiting for us to go live with our beta before introducing their side bar menu," said founder, Curt Dalton. "We were prepared for this move, and it obviously shows that Google saw the same weaknesses in their search results."

Google launched its redesign on May 5. The new sidebar offers users more customization options, while organic and paid search results were made more distinct, said Google on its blog.