Employing a search engine optimization (SEO) firm can raise a business’s online profile without taking up too much time, it has been suggested.

Scott Buresh, of search marketing agency Medium Blue, made his comments to TechLinks.com, recommending that companies outsource their SEO requirements to a specialist firm.

This can save time but firms should ensure they remain in control of any changes, he continued.

Despite this, businesses should accept that SEO firms will often be able to make more informed keyword selection choices, Mr Buresh stated.

"You may be surprised to find that the lingo your customers are using and the phrases they’re searching for are not the same as the ones you might use internally," he added.

Last year, advice published by Marcutting Edge suggested that companies should consider outsourcing the copywriting aspect of their SEO endeavors.

It explained that most businesses do not have staff who are experienced in creating content for websites and that many lack the time to write sufficient copy.