There has been some discussion that branding will have more importance in the future of search results as Google potentially places more weight on brands. However, according to one expert, it’s something most companies can do with search engine optimization (SEO) and quality content.

Writing for Search Engine Watch, Mark Jackson says that businesses don’t have to have the marketing budgets of Coca-Cola to increase their branding as long as they take steps to increase their online presence.

Jackson says these companies should create original, quality content through blogging, press releases and other avenues which not only help increase search engine optimization (SEO) but can also provide value to visitors to the site.

An added benefit to creating content that readers find interesting is it will likely cause them to link to it somewhere else or cause them to help promote the content on a variety of social networking sites.

"When you provide useful information, and you promote it to the masses (social media marketing), you’ll gain links to your website in much the same manner as Wikipedia," Jackson writes.

A growing number of experts in the field of search engine optimization (SEO) promote the idea of creating content that will be valuable to readers instead of just worrying about what search engines might be crawling for.