Fears of recession mean online marketers are being asked to do more with less, an expert has asserted.

Bryan Eisenberg, co-founder of marketing consultancy Future Now, made his comments in an article for the ClickZ network, urging businesses to remember that optimization is the last thing they can afford to cut.

He argued that cutting back on funds spent on search engine optimization (SEO) can cause a website – and therefore a firm – to stagnate.

"While we don’t control the factors that cause a recession, we can optimize the factors we do have control over and do our best to build and continually improve a recession-proof website," Mr Eisenberg continued.

Recently, industry commentator Lee Odden wrote a post for his Online Marketing Blog in which he urged marketers not to stick to safe SEO tactics during an economic slowdown but to become more creative.

He suggested they add optimized content to their sites through platforms such as blogs and embrace social media promotion.