Rapidly changing trends in search marketing and search engine optimization (SEO) will force online marketers to embrace emerging options in their fields, according to Andrew Goodman.

Goodman, writing in a guest column at Search Engine Land, asserts that many search engine optimization (SEO) professionals are risk-averse, falling victim to the so-called "black swan" phenomenon – used to describe a perfect storm of events that can end an online marketing effort in one fell swoop.

Goodman recommends that search engine optimization (SEO) practitioners target aggressive new keywords in 2010, since the generally risk-averse nature of the industry could bring previously untouchable search targets within reach. Goodman also taps Bing – soon to take over search functions at Yahoo, as well as a growing search engine in its own right – to be an important target surface in the coming months.

Real-time search – already integrated into search results on Google and on a separate page in Bing – should also be key to successful search engine optimization (SEO) campaigns in 2010, according to experts.