It is important to derive profits from RSS feeds, according to an advertising network.

RSS stands for Really Simple Syndication, a means of distributing news content to readers without them having to visit a website.

Pay-per-click network BidVertiser advises internet marketers who use RSS to ensure they are monetizing their content.

Chief financial officer Moni Shabtay explains: "You can’t start to monetize your feeds too soon.

"The huge growth of RSS makes feed monetization as important and effective as website monetization."

One way in which this may be achieved is by incorporating pay-per-click advertisements into RSS content, BidVertiser suggests.

But the firm reminds marketing managers that they should publicize the address of their RSS feed "as soon as possible" in order to maximize the revenue derived from any pay-per-click campaign they may put in place.

A similar approach may be adopted by sites which use Atom, an alternative to RSS, the company concludes.