Marketers looking to get through consumers’ cluttered inboxes should remember that recipients want to open emails that will offer them value. Mobile handset provider Vodafone recently found that consumers definitely find value in user reviews – the company saw a boost in click-through rates and transactions thanks to links to customer ratings included in emails.

The company created an online customer reviews page in 2009, and it recently married this feature with its email marketing campaign. The review site lets customers share their experiences of their mobile phones, which not only appeals to other consumers but also helps the company better understand the strengths and challenges of its brand.

By emphasizing the user review page in email messages and including links to direct readers to the page, Vodafone is finding an increased ROI on its email marketing campaign. Noel Hamill, the company’s director of sales, explains there has been an increase in customer click-throughs on electronic mail and ultimately, a boost in transaction. “We have seen that customers who read online reviews are more likely to proceed to the online checkout,” he says.

In addition to boosting email efficacy, linking to consumer reviews may promote sales through a number of internet marketing channels. Felishman-Hillard and Harris Interactive’s latest Digital Influence Index reveals that consumer comments are one of the leading influencers of purchase decisions for Americans who research products and services online.