A cosmetic dentist says that by using search engine optimization (SEO) she has been able to grow her business revenue to more than $1 million per year.

Dr Helaine Smith, a cosmetic dentist located in Boston, says that the use of search engine marketing for her website has allowed her to open a second practice and increase her employees from two to 14.

Smith says that with the help of Dianna Huff of DH Communications, she has been able to not only increase the traffic to her site, but educate the public on the need for her services – something television and yellow page ads were unable to do.

"Before Dianna and I began to work together, patients would come in who really didn’t understand the benefits – and costs – of cosmetic dentistry," says Smith. "Now, much of my marketing involves educating the public, so when people call the office for a consultation, they’ve read my newsletter and they’ve been on my website. The patients pre-qualify themselves. It has saved me a tremendous amount of time."

A number of industries are beginning to see the benefits of using search engine optimization (SEO) with businesses from sports to journalism using the tool.