In a development that could completely alter the search engine optimization (SEO) landscape, both Google and Microsoft are said to be negotiating separately for the rights to access data from Twitter, which would make a vast array of live data searchable via Google or Bing, according to the Wall Street Journal’s All Things Digital blog.

Google’s efforts would integrate its powerful search technology into the popular microblogging service, enabling search engine optimization (SEO) professionals to discern trends and popular searches in close to real time, without having to resort to intermediaries like Google Trends or AdWords.

Microsoft, for its part, would do largely the same thing with its Bing and recently acquired Yahoo search engines, but would start with a handicap due to its lack of experience with search advertising models of revenue. Both companies would have to come up with ways to filter Tweets into and out of search results, which could prove difficult to implement in the short-term, say experts.

Sources close to the negotiations have told multiple news outlets that the negotiations with both companies are proceeding separately, and deals could be reached with both, either, or neither of the two computing giants.