The new, people-powered search engine Slang Who is set to launch on May 14, reports the San Francisco Chronicle.

Whereas most conventional search engines employ complex search algorithms to generate search results, Slang Who organizes results based on what users feel are the best websites. The new marketing campaign from Slang Who harps on this point, saying that the secret algorithms used by other search engines are not trustworthy.

"It’s a 50-50 chance of the information being truthful. I don’t think I trust it," Slang Who’s marketing campaign says, reports the Chronicle.

John Shriber and Roman Zaks, the heads of One-Up Ventures, are working alongside New York entrepreneur Sasha Tcherevkoff on the project. Shriber and Zaks previously worked on, a search engine for apartments, sublets, and roomates.

Social search engines are quickly becoming more popular, and could radically change search engine optimization (SEO) techniques. At the annual Facebook developer conference, Facebook announced a new series of social plugins that could be used to organize search results. CEO Mark Zuckerberg said these plugins will challenge the traditional notion of a link-based internet.