Search engine optimization (SEO) experts say that maintaining a large-scale social media presence could have benefits beyond those conferred by the profiles themselves: Having numerous social media network profiles gives a company numerous chances to place search results high on relevant pages.

Search Engine Watch’s Mark Jackson offers several helpful tips for successfully integrating numerous social media network profiles into a search engine optimization (SEO) effort. Keywords – or at least the company name – should be prominent in the profile name. And while completely filling out profile information is a good idea, since it provides more content, SEO professionals should be wary of putting too much of the same info into multiple profiles. Search engines will see this as duplicate content and ignore it.

Social media network profiles need friends, of course, so including links like "Follow us on Twitter" in all possible company communication should help create incoming links from other profiles and propel a profile higher in search rankings.

The advent of real-time search could make social media presence even more of a critical factor for search engine optimization (SEO) campaigns.