Lauren Kaye

Hi! Lauren Kaye, here, with this week’s Content & Coffee with brafton. It’s easy to assume that B2Cs naturally have a place on social networks because they cater to consumers. With this logic, it’s just as easy to presume that B2Bs are less welcome on these sites because they target companies rather than individuals. Click play to video below, or read the full text.

It turns out there’s data proving the opposite is true.

Buyers from technology companies are actually creating a huge demand for social media content, according to a study from IDG Research Services. And the brands that fill this deficit will reap the benefits including customer advocacy and stronger conversion rates.

Where do you think IT decision-makers go when they’re looking for information about the latest developments, trends and news? Around 83 percent visit tech websites, but more than a quarter also turn to social networks for real-time updates.

Social networks are not just a place for education – Tech buyers tend to develop better impressions of companies that have social media presences, particularly when they use these accounts to communicate with customers. At least 46 percent of IT buyers say they’re more willing to recommend a brand after interacting with it on various networks.

Positive sentiment and word-of-mouth marketing are certainly wins for brands, but the benefits of social go further than that. And we all know bottom-line benefits are usually the best. 45 percent of tech professionals claim they’re more likely to purchase from businesses they’ve already engaged with on social sites. 

This could be because brands with strong social marketing strategies deliver the right mix of information that pushes buyers through the sales funnel. Most people go with an 80/20 balance, heavily sharing educational content and sprinkling in occasional promotional messages. An approach like this gives prospects the information they need, while also reminding them where to find the best solutions – your brand.

Catch you next week, and happy content marketing!