Ted Karczewski

Hi, Lauren Kaye here with this week’s Content & Coffee with Brafton. New data shows that brands only have 2 hours to leave a lasting impression on Facebook users before their social content grows stale. Here are a three points to consider to maximize your content ROI on the social media network. 

Publish as much visual content as you can – Facebook is a very interactive network, and the more your content stands out aesthetically, the more interactions it will receive. It’s easy for links to get lost in the clutter, but a vibrant image paired with a link back to your site may do the trick.

Interact with direct mentions – As more people engage with your Facebook post, your content continues to get pushed toward the top of News Feeds. When you direct mention followers and respond to their posts, you compel others to enter the conversation. Two-way interactions encourage additional chatter and awareness.

Sponsor updates – If you have some more cash to spend on social media marketing, don’t hesitate to promote or sponsor a post. You can highlight a downloadable resource that attracts your followers’ attention and reaches their personal networks through the News Feed.

While data suggests you’ll reach 75 percent of your audience via Facebook within two hours, you can do a lot to maximize ROI from each post by following my tips. With a little innovative thinking, your Facebook marketing efforts can transform how people perceive your brand and its products or services.

Catch you next week, and happy content marketing!