US consumer activity at the top online properties for July 2008 has been examined by comScore.

According to the firm’s Media Metrix service, Google held on to the top position, reaching 141.6 million American users during the course of the 31-day period.

Yahoo! came in second place with 140.3 million and Microsoft’s online resources stood in third with 120.2 million.

Meanwhile, CBS Corporation’s recent acquisition of CNET Networks may have played a part in its 27-position jump up the rankings, with it now standing in tenth place.

Jack Flanagan, executive vice-president of comScore Media Metrix, notes that the summer months tend to attract American web users to more leisure pursuits, adding that this was "certainly the case" during July.

"Ground travel and cruise sites gained once again, as many Americans sought more budget-friendly ways to enjoy their summer vacations amid economic and fuel price concerns," he explains, noting that summer blockbuster films and celebrity news also proved popular.

In recent days, the firm noted that social networking is burgeoning worldwide.