Topsy, the company that offers real-time search for the social web, has announced that it will now offer video search options that allow users to find the hottest clips on Twitter. Brafton has long reported about the rise of video marketing, and brands might consider that tools such as Topsy’s video search necessitate video SEO.

The video search tool culls the hottest videos shared via Tweets. Topsy []’s other real-time search options use social graphs in place of page ranks, favoring social results from algorithmically identified influencers and offering insight on related subjects. The video search service operates in a similar fashion.

Users can filter video results according to the past hour, day, week or month, with all results ranked according to the search engine’s social criteria, or they can choose to see the Latest Results – similar to Google Realtime search offerings. (Though it should be noted that Google Realtime search does not currently offer a video search category.)

Notably, Topsy’s real-time video search tool rewards publishers for both optimizing their video content and updating it frequently. Plus, the results come with easy sharing options for users who sign in with Twitter – and this means marketers may increase their odds of having content exposed to a growing audience.

As Brafton reported earlier this week, Twitter recently released some stats about its rapidly rising user base. Brands across industries looking to target various demographics may find they have a relevant audience on the microblogging site.