The use of social networking sites is continuing to grow, according to web resource E-consultancy.

Graham Charlton, a researcher at the online publisher, explains that despite MySpace, Facebook and Bebo all experiencing a slight drop in user numbers at the beginning of 2008, more recent stats suggest the popularity of the sites is "still growing".

Continuing, he says there is not any particular sign of a slowdown, adding there is "plenty" of room for growth as a result of increasing use of cell phones to access the internet.

"There are opportunities for businesses but it’s important that companies who use social media are able to provide value for their users and don’t use social media just for the sake of it," Mr Charlton concludes.

Meanwhile, an article on web resource Marketing Sherpa recently highlighted a case study of a firm successfully making use of social networking as part of its internet marketing campaign.

It noted the business aimed to join online communities and engage with consumers through informal communication channels.