Although companies usually remake their corporate websites for reasons other than search engine optimization (SEO), the importance of integrating SEO into the new site when doing so cannot be overestimated.

Experts advise companies to start by doing keyword research on the most popular searches in their field, using both free tools like Google AdWords and internal information on which of the company’s search ads have been successful.

However, there are still a few search engine optimization (SEO) pitfalls that await unwary companies, according to SEO expert Mark Jackson, writing at Search Engine Watch. Content that will remain common to both the old and new websites can trigger duplicate detection in search engines, causing their page rankings to plummet. Failing to update URLs from the old site with a redirect can lead to consumers receiving outdated and possibly incorrect content.

If done correctly, with proper attention paid to search engine optimization (SEO), website redesigns can produce great benefits for businesses. With so much information available on the internet about SEO firms and techniques, no company should pass up the opportunity to grow their online presence.