It’s easy, given the general dominance of Google and its high levels of utility relative to other search engines, to rely on the giant search engine, both as a search engine optimization (SEO) practitioner and an internet user. However, Resource Shelf offers a glimpse into the world of search beyond Google.

Searching for slides from a PowerPoint presentation can be made easier with SlideFinder, Resource Shelf writes, adding that the company says that it will try to index slides from presentations posted on university websites for more high-quality content.

Resource Shelf also writes that AddALL Ebook Price Comparison is specialized, appropriately enough, for Ebooks, taking prices from over 30 Ebook purchasing sites and offering robust features for sorting results.

Experts say, however, that Google continues to diversify, buying up smaller companies and adding their features to the company’s already extensive roster of subsidiaries. Many of Google’s most popular features – including YouTube and Maps – were not created by the company’s in-house development team, but rather by start-ups purchased by the search giant.