The Associated Press has reached a new agreement with Yahoo to continue providing the web portal with access to its photographic, video and news content, while Google and Microsoft are still said to be discussing the terms of their own deals.

It was unclear, from the announcement, what the terms of the new deal were, and both parties remained publicly tight-lipped. Yahoo spokeswoman Carrie Davis told the New York Times that "there’s not a whole lot we can say, given the confidentiality of the agreement." The newspaper says that Yahoo’s news site is more popular than Google’s, though the latter company dominates the standard search engine optimization (SEO) market.

PC World says that AP spokesman Paul Colford issued a statement saying that "Yahoo has been an excellent partner for 12 years and has always recognized the value and importance of original, authoritative news. We are pleased Yahoo and AP will continue that valued relationship."

Experts say that the search engine optimization (SEO) market for news could shift farther toward Yahoo and away from its competitors if Microsoft and Google do not sew up their own deals for AP content.