A new update to Yahoo Search will allow users to search the menus of local restaurants for a specific food item they may be craving.

The new search feature works by extracting structured content from unstructured web pages. The search will run through the list of extracted content and then display it in the search results when a user enters a query.

Everything from simple dishes, like pizza, to more specific dishes, like clay pot curry chicken, can be found using the new search function. Searches can be further narrowed based on zip code or even street addresses. The search results will also suggest other dishes that a user may like, based on their request.

The new search function could potentially impact search engine optimization (SEO) techniques used by restaurants, especially if this feature becomes popular in the mobile search realm.

Earlier this week, Yahoo announced a new partnership with Samsung. Yahoo Search, along with other Yahoo services like Flickr and Maps, will come preloaded on Samsung mobile devices starting in May.