Lauren Kaye

Marketers who see a significant percentage of website traffic coming through Yahoo will find the site offers more opportunities and benefits.The search engine, which was just named the top web property of June 2013, recently announced it’s updating seven of its web properties with a better user experience, personalized digital content and even more sponsored ad space.

If the search engine strikes the right balance, it could build on its momentum with internet users and provide marketers with more compelling reasons to invest in SEO strategies for the site. The update is also inline with Yahoo’s recent efforts to improve user experiences on its web properties, previously enhancing its news and search pages.

The release, set to roll out to U.S. internet users this week, also features responsive design elements, which ensures people on mobile devices enjoy the same high-quality experiences as consumers using desktop computers. Having a site that displays quickly and properly on smartphones and tablets is expected to become a major differentiator between domains that succeed or fail. Google has also provided guidance about mobile displays, advising webmasters to optimize for user experience or expect their search rankings to suffer.