55% Increase in Site Conversions for Rubbermaid Commercial Products, Australia


Increase in site conversions.


Increase in blog traffic.


Conversions from paid search.

If you’ve ever packed dinner leftovers, you’re familiar with the Rubbermaid brand.

While you might not be as familiar with the B2B side of the brand (Rubbermaid Commercial Products), you’ve likely encountered its sanitation products such as hand sanitizer stations, rubbish bins and disposable microfiber cloths in commercial settings. If you passed by, or even used them, without noticing the logo, it’s only because you’re not the target market.

We set out to help Rubbermaid Commercial Products, Australia get the attention of folks who do notice these things (such as administrative staff at hospitals and other healthcare facilities).

How? Targeted, organic SEO with paid search peppered in for good measure.

Get on Page 1

Rubbermaid Commercial Products, Australia, approached Brafton because it feared it was slightly behind the competition in the digital marketing arena.

At the time, their main goal was to create content that would earn a spot on Page 1 for highly relevant topics. We made it our mission to get them there.

Search Performance Briefs.

Blog posts.

Landing pages.


Brafton SPBs + Paid Search

We’ve worked with Rubbermaid Commercial Products, Australia on various campaigns over the years, such as social media management, blog content creation and landing-page builds, many of which are still generating strong results for the client.

But for our most recent campaign, we created 9 blog posts. The on-page content for each of these blog posts was written based on Brafton’s Search Performance Briefs (SPBs). Each SPB provides in-depth analysis of a particular keyword, including advanced SERP evaluation. Writers use these briefs to create a piece of content with a high likelihood of ranking on Page 1 for the target keyword.

We supplemented these organic SEO efforts by managing an ongoing paid search campaign, from start to finish. This included:

  • Managing the client’s ad spend.
  • Carefully selecting target keywords.
  • Setting up, and refining, bidding parameters.
  • Providing ongoing recommendations based on campaign performance.

Organic (year-over-year)

  • 22% increase in Page 1 keywords.
  • 222% YoY increase in blog acquisition.
  • 37% increase in total site users.
  • 45% increase in total site sessions.
  • 86% of blog sessions were driven by organic search.
  • 1,113 form submissions in 2021 (93 per month).
  • ~55% increase in total site conversions in 2021.

Paid search management

  • 8,700 sessions generated in 2021.
  • 340 conversions in 2021.

In 2021, organic search accounted for 62% of all sessions. Eight of 9 blog posts we published made it to Page 1 of Google in Australia.

disposable mop heads hospital1 (new)70The benefits of using disposable mop heads in hospital settings28/05/2021
Infectious disease cleanup1 (new)70Infectious Disease Cleanup Best Practices18/10/2021
hospital environmental services best practices7 (+32)70From floor to ceiling: Maintaining environmental hygiene in hospitals4/05/2020
how to keep school canteen clean4 (new)70How to keep a school canteen clean: Guidelines and best practices20/07/2021
are all microfiber cloths the same5 (new)50Are all microfibre cloths the same?15/03/2021
infection control procedures in aged care6 (new)210What is Infection Control in Aged Care?5/05/2021
medical practice cleaning checklist6 (+99)50Medical center and hospital cleaning checklist: how to ensure a hygienic hospital2/01/2021
future of hotel industry9 (+56)70What does the future of the hotel industry look like?6/08/2021

In total, organic accounted for a whopping 62.3% of all website traffic. Paid search, for its part, pulled in 15.7% of all sessions. Combined, these channels account for 78% of traffic to the site.

But the most impressive, and important, outcome is that we helped increase conversions by approximately 55% year over year.Overall, the SEO and SEM campaigns did exactly what they were supposed to: Get Rubbermaid Commercial Products, Australia, on Page 1 (organically and via ads) with the end goal of earning more traffic and winning more conversions.

Overall, the SEO and SEM campaigns did exactly what they were supposed to: Get Rubbermaid Commercial Products, Australia, on Page 1 (organically and via ads) with the end goal of earning more traffic and winning more conversions.

These successes were more than enough to please Rubbermaid Commercial’s Senior Marketing Manager – APAC, Christianne Davis:

“Brafton successfully outperformed the company’s 2020 performance with increased blog acquisition by 222% yearly, keywords ranking by 22%, and more submissions.”

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