6 Years of Content, and Counting, With Inspirage: A Case Study


Increase in site sessions in 2019.


Increase in site users in 2019.


New keywords via blog content since 2016.

2014 feels like a lifetime ago. The Cubs had yet to win a World Series and we all still liked Game of Thrones.

But at least one constant has endured since then: Brafton’s relationship with Inspirage.

When the global consulting firm first approached us in 2014, it desperately needed skilled technical writers who could supplement its content creation efforts.

Inspirage prides itself on being “the integrated supply chain specialist,” which meant our writers would have to wrap their heads around the nuances of ERPs, EPMs, product lifecycle management workflows, supply chain management, logistics and the like.

And they were up to the task. Six years have passed, and we’re still producing content for Inspirage.

Use Content to Create New Business Opportunities

“As our original goal back when Brafton was only writing blogs, we wanted to increase the SEO of our website landing pages and draw more readers to our blog,” said Lindsey Hiefield, Inspirage’s Creative Service Manager.

Lindsey is part of a marketing team she describes as “small but mighty.” We initially acted as an extra arm that penned polished, highly technical blog copy. But we soon branched into other content areas such as eBooks, video demos and white papers.

Even as our content repertoire expanded, Lindsey never lost sight of her one critical objective:

“Increase engagement in our website by creating quality content and advertising.”

Blog posts.



Case studies.

White papers.

PPC advertising.

Website updates.

Total website redesign.

6 years of Strategic Content Development

To this day, we continue to create at least 2 blog posts per month for Inspirage.

But we’ve also contributed to other areas of the website to help round off a more complete content strategy.

In 2016, we executed a complete website redesign. In 2018 and 2019 we orchestrated several paid advertising campaigns

Homepage before.
Homepage after.

Most recently, we’ve taken to interviewing Inspirage’s customers and writing one case study per month for the “Customers” section of their site, which we helped launch in 2019.

In the 6 years we’ve worked with Inspirage, Lindsey says she’s been happy with Brafton’s delivery workflows, and with the level of subject-matter expertise that our writers have maintained.

“I’m constantly impressed with how easily they ‘get’ our business,” she said. “We have a fairly complex footprint and yet their writers and Project Managers are able to jump right in and interview our team members and write blogs like they are full-time Inspirage employees.”

She added: “I can honestly say that our current team has very little room for improvement. They’re knocking it out of the park.”

But at the end of the day, what matters most is that we were able to deliver the results Inspirage needed.

“Our original goal was to increase blog traffic,” Lindsey said “We’ve accomplished and surpassed that goal … Overall, our website updates, gated content and advertising have increased our web traffic and decreased our bounce rate. Exactly the results we were looking for.”

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