Brafton Creates a Connection With Jackson Nurses and Therapists


Blog traffic year over year.


Hard leads generated from blog in 2017.


Increase in organic traffic year over year.

Headquartered in sunny Orlando, Jackson Therapy Partners (JTP) and Jackson Nurse Professionals (JNP) are sister companies under their parent company Jackson Healthcare. A powerhouse in the healthcare staffing industry, Jackson Healthcare ranks third largest in the nation among Healthcare Staffing Agencies.

JTP and JNP specialize in matching the right nurses and therapists with the right jobs in healthcare facilities across the U.S. to ensure the highest levels of patient care. Despite being a leading player in terms of overall size, Jackson prides itself in its culture by establishing strong personal connections with both their healthcare providers and with the nurses and therapists they carefully place with them.

But Jackson isn’t all about business; they have a deeply ingrained culture of giving back to the community.

Relating to a Niche Audience

Rochelle Wheeler, Marketing Manager for Jackson Therapy Partners and Jackson Nurse Professionals, approached Brafton in early 2016 for help writing content for both of the brands.

“Both companies have to speak to two audiences; we have to talk to the job seeker and we have to talk to the potential client that needs that job filled,” Rochelle said. “Even though we want to write relevant material that nurses and therapists can gain valuable information from, we have to be sensitive to the concerns of the healthcare providers we partner with, and the two can occasionally be at odds.”

The biggest gap in communication Rochelle identified when she was hired by Jackson was providing and empowering nurses and therapists with authoritative industry relevant information.

Travel nurses and therapists today are really looking for more insight into the travel industry.”

Our recruiters have very personal relationships with their nurses and therapists; oftentimes the No. 1 reason a traveler will choose an agency boils down to his/her relationship with the recruiter.

“While our website reflects our dedication and commitment to the nurses and therapists working for us in the field, we felt it wasn’t enough to establish a real connection to the people we care the about most. We wanted to create a personal image and face for the company. The blog was really important for that.

Blog posts.


Like Jackson, Brafton prides itself on building personal relationships and instilling trust with clients. Clients appreciate being able to give minimal direction and trust that their team can execute excellent content.

“The current writer has really nailed it for me,” Rochelle said. “So if I call them and say ‘Hey, I have an idea for an article,’ they typically need very little additional direction from me to make an article out of it.”

Qualitatively, we love hearing when clients are delighted with how easy it is to work with us and how well the content we create resonates with their target audiences. But we also want to ensure we are meeting expectations from a quantitative standpoint.

Strong feedback only goes so far – content marketing needs to generate a tangible return in order to justify the investment.

One of Brafton’s key features is that we provide metrics reporting and strategy.

“Brafton has done a good job of doing the analytics for me,” Rochelle said. “Just about the time I need to know what’s relevant, they typically do a report for me and tell me which articles are connecting with our audience.”

And the blogs certainly are connecting with their visitors; an additional 62% year over year in Q4, in fact. Additionally, over the past year, 17 visitors submitted contact details immediately after consuming a blog post.

Looking Forward

Rochelle and team are planning to get even more client-facing industry content out in the market in 2018 to reflect the true industry leadership that resides inside the walls at Jackson. Brafton looks forward to helping support Jackson with talking about hard-hitting, relevant topics. Rochelle is also looking forward to providing even more travel industry-related themes that will help alleviate the fear and anxiety associated with taking on a career in traveling.

And we’ll be right there alongside them each step of the way.

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