Faronics: Responsive Content Strategy for Traffic & Engagement


Increase in blog pageviews QoQ.


Increase in overall traffic.


of conversions generated in a single month.

Faronics, a tech innovation company that delivers software to manage, simplify and secures multi-user computing environments, reaches nearly 30,000 unique customers using over 8 million licenses in more than 150 countries. The company’s suite frees up IT teams from tedious technical and software tasks, making them more available to their employers.

Heather Magee, public relations and communications specialist at Faronics, knew her team needed a strategic vision and game plan to showcase her brand’s knowledge and skill sets in such an evolving and complex industry.

The internet is a mainstream tool for businesses to research before converting and partnering with organizations, and it takes more than a proven track record for success to tap into the persuasiveness of the ‘net.

Producing Quality Content at Scale to Increased Traffic

Magee, through her experience as a writer and realization that her team didn’t have the resources to produce enough content in house, looked for a content marketing partner for help.

“Our marketing and product development employees were originally contributing to the blog. They developed some great content, but they couldn’t produce enough content or consistently stay ahead of the right topics,” Magee said. “Discovering Brafton was amazing – I didn’t realize content houses like this existed.”


  • Build SEO presence and organic traffic.
  • Earn more social traffic.
  • Keep visitors clicking.
  • Increase traffic to conversions pages.
  • Earn more online transactions.

Faronics developed a custom strategy with Brafton’s content marketing specialists to build an information educational hub for prospective and current customers. Crafting industry-specific blog posts puts Faronics in front of a wider audience, and positions the brand as the clear-cut thought leader in its business sector. Magee’s team struggled to publish enough content on their own, as finding quality writers who “really get it” turned out to be harder than she thought. As a result, Faronics saw its website traffic increase significantly, and learned how to engage with potential customers further.

“I really appreciate that Brafton provided a full editorial team devoted to us,” Magee said. “I worked with freelancers before, and it’s a challenge to find reliable writers who produce strong copy, optimize it for the web, meet deadlines and elegantly reference benefits of a brand or CTAs. Finding good writers these days is hard – everyone and their dogs think they can write.”



Blog posts.

Create a traffic-driving web presence to increase content ROI

Magee and the rest of the Faronics team began working with Brafton already having a unique advantage – Magee was a writer and marketing visionary herself. She knew that her company needed to stay ahead of trends in digital education and new and emerging malware, but lacked the manpower to regularly hit on the range of topics that would attract and convert the company’s audience. Magee wanted to develop a blog that anchored all of the company’s most compelling content, full of topics proven to resonate with the right audience. She also valued a content strategy that would fuel social channels and improve SEO, which she admittedly didn’t have enough time to keep up on herself.

Brafton advised Magee and her team on a variety of subjects, from content direct to keyword selection to SEO best practices and social media integration needs, giving her the knowledge to better manage her strategy on her end. Broken down into six different content buckets, with a focus on IT management trends, Faronics and its Brafton team conceptualized a content campaign that produced consistent web media aimed at generate new and retaining old customers.


  • Daily blogs.
  • Competitive keywords.
  • A range of industry-relevant topics.
  • Cross-channel distribution.

Magee also discovered that Brafton’s dynamic team was capable of helping Faronics cover and report on seasonal trends that affect her brand’s peak selling seasons directly.

“Organic traffic to our website is our biggest touch point to customers alongside our sales team, so we needed to build our reach,” Magee said. “When I started at Faronics, the site hadn’t been properly optimized for SEO and we were really looking to build our organic search traffic and overall search presence.”

Through Faronics’ partnership with Brafton and the open line of communication between Magee and her content marketing strategist, the company set objectives and achieved them with flying colors, often changing course to reflect industry developments.

“Brafton content is powering Faronics’ overall rise in site traffic and, in terms of total reach, the Brafton editorial team was able to produce consistently interesting, valuable and newsworthy content that enabled us to see greater success.”

The SEO aspect of each article helped the company breakthrough into new markets, increase PageRank for keywords and outperform the competition in many areas.

“Organic traffic – our biggest touchpoint to our customers – has seen positive growth over the past nine months,” Magee said.

Between September 1, 2012, and December 4, 2012, Faronics’ non-brand organic traffic increase by 17 percent compared to the previous period. Over the same time frame, PageViews of blog articles increase 93 percent from the prior three months and, in November 2012, viewership of Brafton content rose 24 percent month-over-month.

As for overall traffic across the three month period, visitors increase by 76 percent and the share of organic search viewers who read blog posts increased by 81 percent compared to the previous quarter, showing the content builds readership over time. Brafton content helped Faronics achieve approximately 98 goal completions throughout the month of November 2012, helping the company strengthen its market presence and becoming the cornerstone of its digital marketing initiatives.

Faronics learned how to leverage custom content for greater engagement on the web, and Brafton’s one-stop-shop of online marketing consultancy and expansive editorial skills worked in tandem with Faronics to reach set benchmarks along the way.

Through it all, Faronics has seen significant growth in both online traffic and PageRank, giving the company new opportunities to reach prospects, no matter where they congregate online.

What’s next for Faronics:

The wants to break into new content formats, like infographics, white papers and other visual media. Magee said her top priority continues to be learning how her audience reacts and responds to different types of content, and she’s confident that Brafton will help her tackle any new challenge that comes her way.

“The search and conversion optimization insights have been the biggest strength and value in working with Brafton, closely followed by working with an editorial team of kick-ass writers – they totally get it,” Magee said. “Very rarely do you have the time to rave about a company. I’m more than happy to speak to any potential customer or prospect on how valuable a relationship with Brafton is for business.”

“We are looking to break out our content mix in the next fiscal and we can get everything we want from Brafton,” Magee said. “Our Brafton team is a pleasure to work with – I couldn’t imagine not working with them and I’d like to expand my partnership down the line.”

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