Getting More Eyes on Girl, LASH’s Instagram Page


Increase in impressions.


Increase in engagement.


New product-page views.

Girl, LASH is possibly our first ever B2A (business to artist) client.

The online boutique designs and sells the tools lash artists use to applicate and care for eyelash extensions. Whatever they need to beautify their customers’ lashes—tweezers, bonders, adhesives, primers, lash shampoos, the actual lash extensions—Girl, LASH carries.

And it’s all designed by Elisha Cardoza, founder and owner of Girl, LASH and full-time lash artist going on 6+ years. If anyone knows how to create “the most perfect products for lash artists,” it’s her.

Elisha asked Brafton to help her revamp her Instagram presence. So, we turned this:

Into this:

And we were just getting started.

Bring Some TLC to the IG

Elisha is a lash artist, a product developer, an entrepreneur and a lash bar owner. Alash, it’s hard for someone so busy to find time to refine her branding on Instagram, let alone manage the entire presence, build followers and create content for posting.

“Instagram is such a huge platform for lash artists and tagging and sharing, so that was the clear choice for our audience.”

But the absolute last thing Elisha needs is a vendor she has to chase, or just can’t hit the mark.

“My prior freelancer didn’t invest enough time into understanding the look I was going for, possibly because they were just too busy with other projects,” Elisha said. “I knew I needed to find something at a bigger scale that could do it all.”

Social media posts.

A Rebranded Gram

Step 1: Ditch the old pink and black vibe in favor of something airy and light but also polished and professional.

“I wanted it to be professional and I wanted it to be colorful, but I also wanted it to be very different from the major lash companies out there,” Elisha said. “I really wanted to think outside the box and not copy anything.”

Step 2: Create posts using the new branding that features Girl, LASH products, and add product shop tags to those images.

For this part, our video team got involved. They took all the photos and edited them with some help from our social team.

Step 3: Create additional social media posts that are stylized, positive, interesting and highly branded.

Like this one:

Step 4: Boost some of those posts.

As we suspected and would later confirm, the paid aspect of this campaign would prove to be invaluable. Boosted posts contributed to nearly 75% of total impressions, 95% of total engagements, and 62% of total link clicks.

“I’ve noticed an increase in followers and I’ve gotten a lot of messages from other lash pages with compliments,” Elisha said. “Even when it doesn’t generate a sale, there has been good engagement on the posts and people messaging me saying they like the feel of the page.”

Equally important, the experience of working with her Brafton team was overwhelmingly positive, and a night-and-day difference compared to previous engagements with freelancers.

“Brafton has nailed my look and I like what they’re creating. It’s just been so seamless with them.”

“There have been very few designs that I have had to provide tweaks or adjustments on. Brafton has nailed my look and I like what they’re creating. It’s just been so seamless with them.”

She added:

“They definitely invested the time and asked all the right questions and really made sure that they understood what I wanted, and it’s been great.”

And the praise kept coming:

“I like how there’s a person for everything. It’s not like one person trying to handle everything themselves. You have your photographer. You have the person who handles the units. The person who does the marketing. I love that each person has a purpose and it’s all overseen by the strategist.”

Elisha has only received about 24 posts as of this writing and has been working with Brafton for only 3 months. The work is just getting started.

“Our next step is to develop a lash influencer program and I’m very excited about that,” Elisha said. “It’s going to be similar but more for lash artists. I’m hoping that will spread the Girl, LASH name.”

Us too, girl.

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