How Brafton transformed Custom Vault Corporation’s UX

The cornerstone of Custom Vault Corporation’s business is in the design and installation of high-security modular vault solutions.

In business since 1984, the company’s CustomVault division is internationally recognized as an innovative and service-led provider for industries such as pharmaceuticals, government and military, cash-in-transit, cannabis, credit card production, jewelry and precious metals, healthcare, financial services and more. Its BranchServ division, launched in 2006, is focused on security and automation solutions for financial institutions.

To complement their modular vaults and provide their clients with a complete security solution, the CustomVault division offers security cages, safes, pallet racking, temperature-controlled chambers, electronic security and other state-of-the-art security equipment.

The BranchServ division supports more than 12,000 bank and credit union branches with physical security, electronics and automation to support branch transformation and the omni-channel banking experience.

After partnering with Brafton mid-2017, both CustomVault and BranchServ took their client-focused prowess to new digital heights, undertaking extensive website redesigns.

Two Domains With Sub-Optimal Layouts

User experience is everything. But CustomVault and its sister company BranchServ had previously featured websites that needed to be updated, streamlined, branded more effectively and structured to support content.  The lack of mobile-responsiveness was also an issue. Ultimately, site visitors were left with a sub-optimal user experience and weren’t always sure how to proceed on a given page.

In industries that sell niche products to a narrow sub-set of B2B buyers, searchers who landed on either CustomVault’s or BranchServ’s site were likely further down the funnel than the average user, and they were seeking a very specific type of service. But poor navigation and outdated imagery left much to be desired.

So the question became, “How do you portray trust and security to prospects (and sell them high-end technical products and services) when their first interaction with your brand doesn’t align with those values?”

Website redesign.

Custom imagery.

The Brafton Fix: Sticky Navigation, Brand Alignment and Simple Designs

Scrolling down a page that doesn’t have a fixed nav bar is a headache – you effectively lose your whereabouts.

So, the first thing the Brafton team worked on was creating a sticky navigation bar that allowed for easier site usability. Next, we simplified the imagery and layout of both domains, allowing them to mirror each other but also showcase the unique products in the CustomVault and BranchServ portfolios.

We also included mobile-friendly callouts and made calls-to-action more action-focused.

The process took five months in total and has laid the foundation for greater conversion opportunities and enhanced site visibility, which is the goal for 2018.

Now, instead of dealing with the burden of 5-year-old websites, Rebecca is able to spend her time building out content plans that include blogs, white papers, case studies, infographics, video and quizzes.

As both sites are fully built out with content in 2018, strong performance is expected.

“Content marketing is the key to our future,” Rebecca said.

With Brafton’s web dev support, CustomVault and BranchServ are primed to generate unique customer experiences online – and it all started with a partnership.

“Content marketing is the key to our future,” Rebecca said.

“I wanted to do things right,” Rebecca said, referring to why she came to Brafton. “I wanted to create a strategic alliance with a company I knew could execute really well on the tech side but ultimately have a long-term relationship with someone who could do content as well. I didn’t want two agencies.”

As Rebecca put it, “I needed someone who already knew my business.”

At Brafton, we know your business.

Triumph from the start

“I could not be happier with the end result.”

That’s not feedback you hear every day in the marketing world, but it’s exactly how Rebecca Cicarelli, Director of Marketing & Business Development at Custom Vault Corporation, felt after recent website redesigns were put in place by Brafton consultants and their technical team.

“Feedback was immediately strong when we launched the BranchServ site,” Rebecca said. “Our CEO came into my office three times that first week to say how much he loved the website.  He was no less enthusiastic when we followed that with the CustomVault site launch.”

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