SEO + Social = More Organic Conversions for Phone Ninjas


Increase in overall search traffic.


Increase in sessions from Facebook & LinkedIn.


Iincrease in blog traffic.

In the right hands, a phone isn’t just a communication device: It’s also a devastatingly precise sales tool.

True to its name, Phone Ninjas helps its customers master the art of making connections, influencing decisions and closing deals via phone and the internet. The company got its start helping automobile dealerships, but has since branched into new industries.

That’s where Brafton came into the picture.

Boost Site Traffic; Expand Reach

Phone Ninjas called upon us in spring 2021 for help increasing site traffic and expanding their overall reach on the web. They interviewed 5 agencies within the course of a month before choosing us.

“We saw that Brafton was working with one of the largest automotive vendors on the planet and considered it a big plus in their favor since they would already be familiar with our industry,” Chris Vitale, VP & Partner, Phone Ninjas, said. “We also liked their logical approach and how they had different specialists, as opposed to having only a few people juggling everything, so we brought them in.”

After conducting an audit of their website and other online channels, we saw that the greatest potential for organic growth lied in two places:

  • Organic search.
  • Social media.

Website and social media audit.

Blog posts with SPBs.

Organic social media marketing.

Custom illustrations.


Organic SEO

To drive organic traffic through search, we built a campaign around our proprietary Search Performance Brief (SPBs). Writers use these SPBs to draft the most comprehensive piece of content on the web for a particular keyword. It works like this:

  1. The CMS conducts keyword research to pick a target search term with the right intent and strong search volume. A target keyword is also selected on the basis of difficulty: Can Phone Ninjas feasibly rank for this term based on its keyword difficulty score and the strength of their website?
  2. A Brafton consultant compiles data about the competition and features present on the search engine results page (SERP), plus other insights that are helpful for the writer.
  3. That same consultant then analyzes the top-20 pages ranking for the keyword in question using AI-based tools to identify key topics, and uncover any potential gaps. Our goal is to create a piece of content comprehensive enough that the user won’t have to return to Google to conduct another search. Everything they need to know about this keyword should be in one place: Phone Ninjas’ blog.
  4. A writer takes all the research we’ve compiled and crafts a data-led piece of content that has a high probability of ranking on Page 1 for the target keywords and, more importantly, answering the users’ questions and concluding the search journey.

We did this for 4 keyword-targeted blog posts on Phone Ninjas’ website.

Organic Social Media

Our social strategists began regularly posting content on Facebook and LinkedIn that achieves 3 important goals:

1. Branding: Custom imagery and videos make Phone Ninjas’ social presence and content pop — plus the occasional car picture to harken back to the company’s roots.

2. Authority: Sharing snippets of Phone Ninjas’ wisdom with links to the longer story demonstrates expertise to followers, and adds value to their feeds.

3. Approachability: Training is a big part of what Phone Ninjas does; they need to come across as approachable, trustworthy and above all else, human. Pictures of trainees who have recently complete courses with their mentors achieves this:

1. Page 1 results for 3 of 4 targeted keywords.

Here are the stats as of 12/1/21:

These posts alone provide a 60% boost in period-over-period blog traffic.

2. A significant increase in organic social media traffic.

Here are the stats as of 12/1/21:

  • 209% increase in sessions from Facebook and LinkedIn.
  • 6 new leads attributable to social media in that time period.

What it all amounts to:

  • 151% increase in overall organic social media traffic.
  • 10% increase in overall search traffic.

In total, we can conservatively estimate this to have resulted in at least a 50% increase in conversions, and as high as 200%.

“We’ve gotten a 50%–200% increase in the number of people who’ve filled out a form from the content,” Vitale said. “We’ve received more impressions and requests for information. It’s also evident that our audiences have stayed on our articles for a longer period of time.”

As incredible as these results area, our greatest — and most unexpected — point of pride was this bit of feedback:

“What stands out about Brafton is the efficiency with which they communicate,” Vitale said. “They never miss deadlines and always keep us in the loop when it comes to updates. I love that we’re able to know where we’re at with the project.”

That’s right: A real-live Phone Ninja complimented our communication skills.

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