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Strategy Meets Art

Visual content converts faster than words alone. How’s that for ROI?

Content marketing strategies powered by dynamic media outperform all others, and with a variety of visual assets supporting your marketing, we turn your brand into an ROI engine.

Attract a larger audience, nurture high-intent prospects and enhance customer engagement with design that matters.

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Visualise complex data, intuitive concepts and compelling narratives with infographics of every size. Our expert designers synthesise dense information and transform it into engaging graphical stories, ones your audience retain in seconds.

Want to stay top of mind?

Infographics are shared or liked on social media 3X more often than other content types. Brafton graphic design services make info … graphic.

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White Papers, eBooks and Case Studies

Generate more leads through professionally formatted white papers, eBooks and case studies. Gating lead-gen assets allows you to put your more resource-intensive and highly prized content behind a form fill, which qualifies leads in the process.

Or, publish, distribute and share design collateral through your website, email channels and social media platforms for maximum exposure and branding reach. Your assigned designer can take your existing brand guidelines to a new level by maintaining consistency across all of your graphical assets for the middle and bottom of the funnel, where you really start seeing return on investment.

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We put your conversion process into overdrive with effective CTAs designed for higher click-throughs. Customised typography, color, iconography, placement and verbiage make your CTAs branded centerpieces of your web site.

Your graphic designer combines the optimal mix of copy and color to capture leads and make instant connections with prospects. Creative ad copy and CTA design are mandatory for converting users into paying customers.

Custom Illustrations

Stock imagery and stale text are dead. You need authentic, high-quality visuals illustrated by creatives with years of experience. Our custom illustrations can be embedded anywhere on your site, throughout your email campaigns and on your social platforms, making them versatile assets that shape your image and provide stronger ranking signals to search engines.

Our graphic design team crafts logos, blog features and thumbnails, social images, newsletter formatting and any type of web or print layout – all with your branding at the forefront.

UX and Web Design

In a mobile-first, human-first world, user experience is everything. Search engines prize seamless, responsive web design across all device types, and our graphics team ideates, creates and consults on branding, wireframes and mockups so you rank higher in SERPs and best serve site visitors.

Optimised web copy, enhanced site speed and user-friendly functionality turn your site into an interactive digital lab that serves customers. It also sets the stage for experiential graphic design and other forms of visual communication, like interactive quizzes, animated features and larger 3-D renderings.

On-demand Artwork

A comprehensive content marketing strategy often extends beyond the marketing department.

We custom-create sales sheets, one-pagers, advertising and promotional materials, internal reports and documents, client-facing guides and email templates designed to spec and upon request. We can also accommodate print materials, business cards, brochures, direct mail, corporate logo design and other specialised design services.

It’s art without boundaries.

Graphic Design ROI

Graphic design works. We know this after more than 10 years in the business as the largest content marketing agency in North America.

Authenticity of content is the most influential factor in 80 percent of consumers’ decision to follow a brand. And adding design to text enables users to follow directions 323 percent better – the indicators are clear: If you want engagement, you need expert design services.

Graphic design services from Brafton help monetise your messaging, turning your creative ideas into commercial wins.

Infographics are liked and shared 3x more often than any other type of content.

90% of information sent
to the brain is visual

Visuals with color increase people’s willingness to read a piece of
content by 80%

Visuals with Purpose

Learn how Brafton turns illustration into ROI. Every asset has a purpose; every image matches customer intent.

Design your success starting now.

Visuals with Purpose

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