Social Media Marketing Services

You have fabulous content. Now, show it to the world. Social media is today’s version of shouting from the rooftops. It’s how social media marketers promote brands and have meaningful conversations with fans, followers and future customers. With the right social media strategy, you will be heard.

Reach Your Audience

The first step is to establish a robust social media presence. Publish and promote your content where your target audience is most likely to see it.

Your assigned social media strategist has expert insight into all media platforms, industry trends and social media advertising best practices. With Brafton’s social media marketing services, improving your reach, increasing brand awareness and driving conversions through hyper-targeted messaging has never been easier.

To make sure you’re talking directly to potential customers, you need a social media marketing agency that works with you to determine which social media channel will connect your business with the right people. That’s what we do best.

This persona-specific approach goes beyond being in the right place at the right time. It means finding the correct words to catch their attention, connecting them to content they’ll love and engaging them in a way that serves your commercial aspirations, all while implementing a comprehensive social media marketing strategy.

Channel Your Voice

Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, YouTube, X (formerly called Twitter) — you name it, our social media management team handles it.

That hip, new channel that hasn’t even gone mainstream yet? We do that, too.

By monitoring every relevant social media platform for updates that may affect your overall marketing campaign and strategy (Facebook advertising best practices instantly come to mind), you gain the real-time flexibility you need to tailor your social media campaigns. This empowers you to stay perfectly in tune with your audience and nurture them to become more than just passive fans or followers.

We aim to leverage your online audience to produce social lift, maximise your web presence, and connect with macro and micro-influencers. That includes elevating your social network with user-driven content creation and reaching consumers with captivating writing, visuals and audio from their own peers, thereby amplifying your social media content strategy.

Your content then lives on in perpetuity, always dazzling, constantly adding value to your bottom line, and bolstering your social media presence.

Social Media Success Stories

Surpass Your Goals

It’s not enough to have your audience’s attention — you also need them to convert.

Whether your aim is to increase your followers, number of shares or level of engagement across your social media network, you’ll still need to create a pipeline for lead generation. Google Ads are great for helping consumers find what they want, but a well-placed social media ad can give them the necessary push to transform from a potential customer to a loyal one.

Our holistic content marketing services include creating and implementing custom conversion landing pages, branded calls-to-action and on-site forms. Site visitors and social followers can easily register for an upcoming event, subscribe to your newsletter or participate in a contest, all with a single effortless click, enhancing your email marketing strategy.

This approach simplifies the process of capturing leads directly from your social platform, blog posts and landing pages, making it incredibly straightforward for your potential customers to convert.

Enhance Your Strategy

Social media is a vital component of your larger content marketing strategy. Does your social media agency customise their offerings so that every metric maps back to your core business goals? We do.

Social media success is business success.

Custom Promotion and Engagement

We craft custom promotional emails and monthly newsletters through our digital marketing agency, keeping your followers updated and engaged with your brand on various social media platforms. By releasing a steady stream of beneficial information, your content marketing strategy ensures you’re always in touch, and always progressing.

Magnified Influence

With influencer outreach, we connect you with industry leaders to combine your brand — and your social accounts — with a relevant and trusted voice. By effectively promoting your exceptional content on different social media platforms, you can also become a thought leader in your field of expertise.

Flexible Campaigns

Campaigns need to be limber to keep up with the ever-changing world of social media. Our digital strategy involves making adjustments along the way to optimise your results. Together, we can determine the most effective social media strategy and campaign efforts for your business.

Through establishing goals and tracking social media campaigns, we’ll show you exactly how your target audience reacts to and engages with your content. In turn, you can leverage these reports and results to follow new leads, make new sales and maintain loyal customers.

Social Media Consulting Services

Evolving social media technology and demographics require your strategy to adapt at a moment’s notice.

For social media services that go beyond more conventional tactics, we work laterally with your team to ideate and execute innovative solutions.

We apply our extensive knowledge of industry verticals, digital marketing tactics and advanced enterprise and social media management tools to understand your audience and enhance how you work with your clients. Plus, we take a deep dive into the analytics of all your social channels, ensuring we make data-based decisions when building out social campaigns. Allow us to be your social media experts, so you can focus on being your brand’s greatest ambassador.

Our social media strategists collaborate with you to find and amplify your voice across one or more social media channels. From there, your Brafton team will fully manage and measure your social strategy. Rest assured, your social media account is in adept hands.

Social Media Packages

Your social presence is as personal as your logo. That’s why we have several social media management packages to complement your specific needs.

Our packages are based on how many social channels you want us to manage. In addition to fully managing multiple social media profiles for your brand, we also offer à la carte options. Need to live tweet at an event, promote your company’s products, announce a grand opening, design and implement a social media marketing campaign or distribute a press release? Our social media marketing company has got your back. Something as simple as Facebook ads and Instagram ads? No problem.

Our social media service team helps you figure out which package is right for your business. When you’re ready, your strategist develops the campaign and handles all social media management, elevating your social media content so it can reach its highest potential.

How We Socialize

Adaptive Social Strategy

We create your social media marketing strategy around your objectives and your target audience’s expectations. Utilising a digital strategy grounded in campaign-based techniques, we maintain focus and diversify the content consumed by your audience on various social media platforms.

In-Depth Reporting

Your social strategist offers regular reports and data-driven insights through our digital marketing agency, illuminating what’s resonating and why on the social channel.

A/B Testing

Testing different approaches to your social media campaign’s ads enables us to refine a branded, engaging social strategy, ensuring a dynamic presence across different social media platforms.