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White Paper Design Services

Brafton graphic designers ensure your white paper engages targeted audiences through
clean, eye-catching and on-brand formatting. White papers provide in-depth information
and thorough analysis of industry trends; but text alone bores readers.

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A well-designed marketing asset draws readers in, holds their attention and supports the informational and commercial goals of your white paper. Visualise your content marketing in new dimensions with design-centric writing and research.

The Typical White Paper Design Process

Once the text of your white paper has been approved, it is handed off to Brafton’s graphic design team for customised formatting and optimal user experience. Designers incorporate their expertise, follow your instructions, if provided, and use your business branding guidelines – colours, logos and fonts.

Brafton’s in-house designers create visual elements and directional cues, such as photographs, illustrations, charts, graphs and pull quotes, throughout the white paper to help break up text and highlight important points. This results in an asset that is easy to digest with straightforward, effective messaging.

A formatted draft of your white paper will be submitted for approval. If necessary, designers implement any edits, suggestions or other feedback into the final product to ensure the asset meets your branding expectations and overall commercial objectives.

To create a product that best suits your evolving marketing needs, your team can also update or refresh older white papers to match your current audience. Or, other formats, like a blog post or an infographic, can be converted into a white paper to better represent the topic and serve reader intent.

Your Business, Your Branding

Subsequent documents that add to your marketing campaign may follow a similar white paper template, so that all your branding and formatting preferences are consistent across every asset. Designing white papers to complement other branded collateral, like eBooks, white papers, case studies and blog posts, is also an option for maximum cohesion across multiple formats.

Before publication on your website or distribution through email channels, your Brafton strategist and designer will use a proprietary lead-gen platform to create an opt-in form fill on your conversion landing page. This technology optimises your gated white paper landing page for higher conversions and downloads.

Your white paper, then, becomes not just a marketing tool but a verified business asset to your bottom line, driving engagement, quality leads and core revenue.

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