Alexander Santo

On the latest episode of Above the Fold, Jeff and Francis discuss results, authority and Moz.

The duo compare sizes, results of content campaigns

Our show starts with a question that content marketers dread to hear from their clients: “When am I going to see results?”

Jeff believes you’ve already failed if your client asks you this question in the midst of a campaign. He explains this bleak viewpoint, discusses how to set expectations for campaigns big and small and takes a ribbing from Francis.

Francis brings his authority to the subject of authority

Francis has yet to meet a physician who gave up treating the sick to become a content writer, yet he’s worked on many medical content campaigns demanding of an authoritative voice. What gives?

In his 20second download, he supplies his thoughts on what it means to write authoritatively and how to develop subject matter expertise when you have none to begin with.

Jeff drinks alone, has an SEO epiphany

Finally, Jeff talks about his latest article published on the Moz Blog, and how he came up with the idea at a Boston bar. You know what they say, folks, when the beer flows, the SEOs…start researching statistical models.

Ok, maybe they don’t say that. But if you like beer and you’ve ever wondered which keyword ranking tool is most accurate, you and Jeff have at least two things in common. Check out his 3,000-word mammoth of a blog post on Moz.

Listen to the episode below to learn more. Plus, you’ll find out why Jeff’s first act as AVP of Marketing was to slash Brafton’s site traffic by 20 percent.

Happy listening!