Molly Buccini

For those unfamiliar, content marketing may appear as simple as writing a compelling blog post or creating a visual that will engage an audience.

In reality, however, it’s actually far more complicated. Between  brainstorming topic ideas, distributing content once it’s produced and later analyzing metrics to measure success – content creation is only a small piece of the puzzle.

To help make content marketing an easier feat, there are several websites, tools and resources that help guide the way. In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we asked our teammates what marketing tools they’re most thankful for. Here’s a look at their list of favorite things:

  • I’m thankful for GA Checker.  It’s like Sherlock Holmes for Google Analytics. With one click it checks an entire site for missing Google Analytics or AdWords code. Tiffany Schreiber, Senior Content Marketing Strategist
  • small magnifying glassIf we’re publishing a new blog post or news article, BuzzSumo helps us take a pulse on how people are talking about it. Every company has its own internal jargon and this helps us to get outside of that, and learn how other people are searching and sharing what we’re writing about. Lauren Kaye, Marketing Editor
  • I’m super thankful for Quora.  It’s like Yahoo Answers where people actually know what they’re talking about! It helps me get my head out of “marketing mode” and into “what does the audience really care about” mode. Colin Campbell, Lead Strategist
  • I’m thankful for SpeedTest  – a very useful tool for testing my internet connection speed when gauging a site’s load time and overall performance.  It’s always good to consider how your site appears to people that don’t have lightning fast internet. Mike Dewitt, Web Developer
  • I am thankful for Refollow. It’s a tool that allows us to actively search and connect with target audiences using specific keywords, demographics and what not.  That, in return, helps us grow a follower base for our clients and enhance their organic reach via social. Sumit Sharma, Social Media Associate
  • I’m thankful for Pocket – the “save-for-later” service. It allows me easy access on any device to my folders of marketing stories, tips and tricks, and even one dedicated to my favorite GIFs. Molly Buccini, Marketing Communications Coordinator
  • Google Trends, MOZ, Screaming Frog, MailChimp! Hollie Farrahi, Senior Content Marketing Strategist
  • small pencilAs an editor, I’d be lost without the AP Stylebook and Merriam-Webster Online. It’s always better to take a minute and check something than to trust your instinct and end up wrong.” Chris Hassan, Lifestyles Assistant Editor
  • I’m thankful for Manage Flitter – This tool allows me to quickly access my Twitter base – decide who to follow, unfollow and engage with. Justin Oram, Social Media Associate
  • Smashing Magazine is my solid go to for UX, Graphics, html, CSS, iconography, typography and business tools. Ken Boostrom, Design Director
  • I’m grateful for 5-second test! Jeff Baker, Content Marketing Manager
  • As simple as it is, I’m thanking for It gives me fresh ways to talk about the topics that matter to our readers, and it circulates new words into my vocabulary. Sometimes, you need a reminder that the industry buzzword everyone is using can be swapped out for something much simpler. That’s indispensable as a writer. Lauren Kaye, Marketing Editor
  • Typeface commitment phobe? Get out of that fetal position and preview your exact text in FREE fonts with DaFont! Brittany Cornell, Graphic Designer
  • Google…no explanation needed. Tim Griffin, Video Production Manager

What tools and resources make your content marketing efforts easier? Let us know in the comments.