Molly Buccini

First a news and content writer on Brafton’s editorial floor, and later a Quality Standards analyst, Alex is known for delivering clean and humorous copy, as well as his keen eye for copy errors. During his time as an analyst he managed products that encompassed the entire editorial department and his organization and attention to detail were critical in his transition to the creative marketing department.

Coming up on his three year Braftiversary, Alex ventured off the editorial floor in pursuit of a new challenge, right when the creative marketing department was in search of a marketing writer to bring a fresh perspective on industry trends and concepts to

Alex was able to bring the editorial prowess he gained as a writer to the forefront, and now he appreciates the variety in his daily tasks: “I write, research, learn, create, talk and list in equal parts – and that’s just in the morning.”

“Alex asks smart questions and shows a commitment to figuring out what resonates with Brafton’s audiences. He doesn’t shy from going the extra mile to research as needed to deliver the best answers through his copy, and he’s an excellent writer,” said Katherine Griwert, director of marketing content  and communications. “On top of that, he brings a lot of thoughtful and interesting ideas to our campaign planning – and we can always count on him for a solid pun. We love the flavor he adds to the team … and that flavor is probably of the Sriracha variety.”

Learn more about Alex in our Brafton Q&A:

Q: As a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?

The honest answer is some combination of Indiana Jones and Spider-Man – but somehow in space. If a teacher asked, I’d probably say veterinarian.

Q: What do you think is the most important quality you need to have for success?

Working in Creative Marketing means that I have to pivot from one task and one subject to another – but that’s one of my favorite parts of the job.

Q: What do you value most in a job?

Learning about new topics as they develop. Google, Facebook and Twitter don’t make it easy to rest on your laurels, and I like trying to figure out how to make their changes interesting to our audience.

Q: What is your most treasured possession?

My bikes. You can have either one really nice bike, or a few different kinds of OK ones – I went with the latter.

Q: What personality trait are you always trying to improve?

I think I’m a pretty organized person, but I always think I can make my life and work more ordered. Then again, maybe that’s what crazy people say.

alex and braftonQ: Which day of the work week are you the most productive?

This question makes me want to start taking notes and graphing it out to find the real answer. For now, I’m going to guess Mondays. If I don’t start out productively, it hangs over my head all week.

Q: What do you consider your greatest achievement?

When I was 12, I called into a radio station and answered a trivia question about baseball. I won a copy of Big Willie Style. I may have peaked too early.

Q: Have any “hidden talents” ?

I can name every U.S. president in order.

Q: If Brafton were a TV show, which character – from any sitcom, drama or reality show (of any time period) – would represent you?

Lester Freamon from The Wire. He’s not flashy, but he’s patient and dogged and always gets to the bottom of things.


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