Google and T-Mobile have unveiled the T-Mobile G1 – the first cell phone to use the search engine company’s Android operating system.

In a post on Google’s Mobile blog, product marketing director Marc Vanlerberghe explains a number of applications are preloaded on the handset, including Gmail, Google Talk, YouTube, Maps and Search.

He notes: "The Google applications on Android take full advantage of the features of the Android platform.

"Gmail is built on embedded WebViews, the real-time push features and synchronization use the multi-tasking capabilities of the platform and the integration between applications relies on the Android Application Framework."

Andrew Rubin, senior director of mobile platforms for Google, states the open-source nature of Android means the operating system is "somewhat future-proof".

Meanwhile, in the Official Google blog, Erick Tseng, lead product manager of the Android team, states software developers will soon have the ability to distribute applications to handsets through the beta version of the Android Market distribution system.