Trigger-based email marketing is the "next step" for the critical e-commerce function of automated email communications, according to a sector commentator.

Writing on web resource Practical eCommerce, Dylan Boyd, vice-president of sales and strategy at interactive agency eROI, explains traditional pre-programmed emails follow sign-ups to newsletters and orders.

Trigger marketing, on the other hand, sends emails for other events, like particular search patterns, holidays or customer birthdays.

He adds: "No matter what the e-commerce niche or industry, we all do too many jobs and we all need to get more relevant to when we touch into the lives of our consumer – that’s what trigger email is all about."

Mr Boyd states the practice is based on an action having been taken and messages can be triggered by events such as analytics, customization, downloads, views or purchases.

In other news, sector commentator Tammy Rosen recently told that email marketing strategies can be made more effective by being more "design savvy".