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We’ve all been there. A dreary, overcast Tuesday afternoon at work. Maybe you’re questioning whether you’re in the right profession. Perhaps your doldrums are compounded by a recent rift in your personal life.

It’s an “is this it?” (“it” being your life) moment that most of us manage to power through with some self-reflection and another pot of coffee.

But if you ask Lisa Jacobs (lawyer turned van lifer/digital-nomad coach/blogger/influencer), there are some “is this it?” moments that you can’t get past without doing something radically different. If you’re at an inflection point in your life or thinking of venturing outside your comfort zone, Lisa’s is the voice you need to hear right now.

(And even if you’re perfectly content with every element of your life, this episode of Above the Fold is still a REALLY fun way to spend 37 minutes).

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“I hate traffic and children.”