Search engine optimization (SEO) experts are divided on the issue of SEO metrics, with various advocates debating the merits of conversion rates against page ranks.
SEO Roundtable reports that one of the more recent discussions of the issue has been in progress recently on Cre8asite’s forums, sparked by a posting from a user looking to hire a search engine optimization (SEO) consultant. While many users argued that page ranking provides a useful measure of site performance, most believed that the conversion rate garnered by an SEO campaign was the true mark of success.

UK-based search engine optimization (SEO) website SEO Consult says that SEO efforts should be integrated into online marketing efforts at a very basic level, so that the SEO-related research can be used to fine-tune future campaigns.

SEO Roundtable says that page rankings can be a tempting target for prospective search engine optimization (SEO) clients, but warns that any SEO practitioner who claims to be able to guarantee rankings in Google or other search engines is likely to be highly unprofessional.