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google october core update
SEO Samantha Finley

Google’s Latest Search Console Update: Enhancing Security and Efficiency 

On April 16th, 2024, Google announced significant enhancements to Search Console‘s management of ownership tokens. What are ownership tokens? Essentially, they’re a vital component for website verification in different Google platforms like Merchant Center. They serve as authentication tools that confirm a user’s legitimacy to manage a site’s data within Google’s ecosystem. In the past,… Read more »

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SEO Molly Ploe

LinkedIn Poll: How are Marketers Using ChatGPT for SEO?

ChatGPT has been the name on everyone’s minds since OpenAI launched the bot in November 2022. Since then, everyone is searching high and low for novel uses of the technology. Headlines proclaim that the tool is “revolutionizing” everything from basic tasks to whole industries. The truth is, learning ChatGPT is just like learning how to… Read more »

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SEO Ashlee Sierra

Google Updates Spam Policies To Redefine Helpful Content

On March 5, 2024, Google released two updates, one involving changes to multiple core systems and the other redefining the identification of helpful content. This includes a refreshed look at spam policies — a list that’s already expansive. Google says the core update is more complex than others, tweaking multiple systems — particularly those that… Read more »

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SEO Molly Ploe

3 Clarifications About Google’s March 2024 Algo Updates

It’s true: This is one of the big ones. But should you be worried? It depends on how you’ve been handling your SEO and content creation activities. Let’s take a look at some of the highlights in this month’s core algorithm update: 1. Helpful Content Updates Are Now a Part of the Core Algorithm Update… Read more »

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