eBook Marketing Services

Optimise your marketing strategy, nurture mid-funnel readers and reach a niche target audience with eBook marketing services from Brafton, Australia’s top digital marketing agency.

Unify creative graphic design and expert content creation to transform complex concepts into streamlined visual storytelling. Enhance your author brand with our eBook marketing, including book distribution for self published authors and book launch strategies.

Write your own eBook success story today. Whether you’re an industry expert or need assistance with ghostwriting, we’ve got you covered.

Why eBooks?

eBooks are firmly rooted as the cornerstone mid-funnel content in marketing strategies. They are extremely versatile in their effective promotion abilities, namely through blogs, email marketing, social media, eBook promotion sites and PPC, effectively moving prospects from awareness to consideration.

For organisations seeking to nurture mid-funnel prospects, eBooks are just the asset. They’re more visual than white papers and are easy for a modern target audience to consume. Once created, eBooks can be further atomised and re-released as other assets, as much of the work has already been done. 

For example, each eBook page can be a dedicated slide in a presentation. The research can be reused in thought leadership content. And the visuals can be developed into engaging visuals for social media platform posts. Few eBook marketing services can promote your brand in the number of ways an eBook can.

In this way, Brafton combines the full power of its suite of marketing services to enhance the ROI of your eBook, leveraging in-house SEO services, email automation tools and social media platforms for maximum impact.

Interested viewers get a free eBook with compelling tidbits of info, and you get more names and emails on your mailing list. Now that’s what we call a win-win in digital eBook marketing.

Why Brafton?

Looking to take your eBook to the next level? You’ve come to the right place. At Brafton, we’re not just about marketing; we’re about crafting a story that resonates. With our blend of eye-catching graphic design and razor-sharp content creation, we turn complex ideas into something beautiful and engaging. 

Why choose Brafton as your eBook Marketing Expert? Let these success stories speak for themselves:

eBook Writing

Your industry-focused writer works in conjunction with your content marketing strategist and project manager to map out and structure your eBook from start to finish. Trained in creative writing and content marketing best practices, your content team will:

  1. Ideate: We’ll brainstorm eBook topics that will appeal to your potential readers while also supporting your commercial goals and brand.
  2. Outline: The winning idea becomes an eBook copy, ready for your approval.
  3. Edit: Your content writer will implement your feedback, making the changes that ensure your eBook turns leads into sales.

A note on brevity: eBooks emphasise visual storytelling, so we limit each page to about 125 words of copy. Our content writers take great care to ensure each piece of text is crafted for maximum impact, focusing on hard data and insightful takeaways. It’s our professional recommendation that eBooks don’t overwhelm readers with too much copy — it will detract from the intended visual effect of the page. 

Beyond per-page word count, we find that eBooks that are 6-12 pages are a good starting point. This length provides enough detail to generate conversions without being too dense or academic, like white papers can be. As a best practice, we dedicate about half of the eBook’s real estate to text and half to visuals, maximising its total impact.

We will list your new eBook’s author(s) byline to whomever you deem most appropriate within your organisation.

eBook Design & Formatting

Once the text is approved, our graphic design team will format your eBook with the goal of hooking potential readers with an amazing first impression. Your designer will incorporate your brand’s visual marketing guidelines, as well as artistic preferences for art style and imagery. Working with the rest of the creative team, your designer will arrange text and imagery on the page for maximum reader engagement.

Every eBook includes an eBook cover design, table of contents and back cover – plus all the good stuff in between. Once designed, we want to hear what you think. You’ll have the chance to provide feedback on the design prior to publishing it to your website and diving into eBook promotion.

eBook Conversion Services

Conversion rate optimisation (CRO) helps maximise the value of your eBook. Brafton’s services make it easy for your content marketing strategist to gate your eBook with a dedicated landing page on your website. The landing page copy will entice people to download the content, while search engines pick up on keywords and increase the chances that the right viewers click the link.

This landing page is typically the first impression potential readers have of the eBook asset, so it too must be visual, concise and conversion-ready. Adding a brief form to the landing page enables the eBook to be used as a lead magnet, allowing you to collect contact information and remarket to these readers.

What’s more, you can use the dedicated link to share the eBook beyond your website. Utilising UX best practices to encourage downloads, your strategist will track conversions and consult on which channels to use for promotion and distribution (meaning which social media platforms, blogs, email newsletters and so on).

Brafton can also create unique CTA buttons that link to your eBook landing page, allowing you to insert them into relevant blog content and throughout your website to enhance lead generation further. You can also use our SEO services in conjunction with your eBook to ensure as many people read your related blog content as possible and to even give your eBook a chance to rank in SERPs.

We take an all-hands approach to content creation and distribution, offering comprehensive eBook marketing services for authors and marketers alike.

eBook Promotion

Naturally, your marketing plan requires some savvy promotion efforts to share your content with the world. We won’t give up on your eBook after publishing it to your website, but instead will help you promote it across multiple channels for greater publicity. Even better: You can do a lot with free promotion tactics. The big ones include:

  • Social media marketing.
  • Email marketing.
  • Blogs.
  • Sales meetings.

Because eBooks are highly visual and concise, it takes virtually no time at all to repurpose them for various promotional purposes. Brafton’s eBook promotion service is inclusive to every eBook project, so your strategist goes into the process of intentionally identifying ways to expand the reach of your asset.

eBooks are an ideal middle-of-funnel inbound marketing asset to promote on social media platforms and through targeted emails. After publishing your eBook, Brafton’s content writers and social media strategists will work hand-in-hand to promote your content among followers on all major social media networks, as well as craft promotional email campaigns aimed at your targeted audience and readers.

We can also create blog content around the same topics, linking out to the eBook or embedding custom CTAs within the posts for more engagement. This might entail a blog post on an adjacent topic or a press release referencing a relevant theme in your eBook — in both cases, we’ll backlink to your eBook to further leverage all promotion opportunities.

The perfect content to accompany a sales pitch, eBooks also serve as incredible sales enablement tools. Your business development executives can distribute them to prospective customers, impressing them with a visually appealing yet informative asset. Because eBooks are more branded and illustrative than traditional white papers, they make for superior sales enablement assets.

With help from Brafton’s eBook promotion service, you can not only earn more leads but also enable your brand to push prospects through the sales funnel. Now’s the time to become a multidimensional marketer by including eBooks in your marketing plan.

Maximise your marketing strategy with eBooks starting today. Book your marketing campaign, explore our pro tips and take advantage of our book distribution services tailored for self-published authors. Launch your book with the help of industry experts and our comprehensive eBook marketing services.